7 Things you can do to avoid the temptation to chat and play games during worship

Wanna avoid the temptation to text in Church? You can try these tips:Use hardcopy BibleUse hardcopy NotebookUse offline Bible appsActivate Flight modeActivate Silent modePut your phone away in your purseLeave your phone in the car Of course, the most important thing is to use your discretion. Honour God during worship and avoid distracting fellow worshippers.
#STIC...Stop Texting In Church
You can download these tips here:


(Photo Credit: Shepherd Thoughts) There’s no doubting the fact that technology has made considerable impact in the 21st century in a way no phenomenon has, changing virtually everything we do and how we do them. With these breathtaking strides by way of technological advancements, however, comes corresponding toxic behavioural traits introduced to the doorsteps of our reality. Picture disinterested teens, sitting in the way back of the congregation, tap tap tapping away on their phones and giggling back and forth with their friends. Picture a middle-aged young woman, laser-focused on her brightly lit iPad while the choir sings away. This scenario is all too real. Some weeks ago, I was rather unfortunate to sit behind a young lady whose aim of coming to church that dear Sunday morning was to find a comfy but crowded place to play Candy Crush (yes, you read that right: Candy Crush!). A number of campaigns have been launched to curb excessive use of smart phones that are disruptive. The ST…

10 Commandments for using your iPad in Church

Aaron Earls, a rather humorous writer on “The Wardrobe Door” has these 10 commandments to share when it comes to using iPads in church, and if you feel he has missed some rules, you can always reach out to him to share your thoughts.

10 COMMANDMENTS FOR USING YOUR IPAD IN CHURCH 10. Thou shalt have the Bible app installed. Seriously, it’s got over one million downloads. I don’t think it is possible to love Jesus and not have YouVersion on your smart phone or tablet. (Note from me: Yes, you should...and preferably get an offline Bible app so you don't get sidetracked when your data connection is on and notifications from Twitter and Facebook pop up) 9. Thou shalt look up occasionally just to let the pastor know you’re listening. If your eyes are down during the whole sermon, you’re either asleep or checking your Instagram feed. C’mon, don’t lie. You were double tapping that cute baby photo. (Note from me: Too bad a preacher spent a whole lot of his hours praying and preparing the sermon o…

The world is waiting for you

All creation waiteth for the manifestation of the sons of God… Take note: ALL CREATION. The Internet was created, right? Yes Please! Creation did not stop in Genesis 2. Daily, God creates. He creates using you and me. He is creating schools, TV stations, media agencies, worship centres, engineering firms, hospitals, roads, etc. Would you allow Him use you to create something in this generation? Or would you rather stay in a cave of mediocrity? OH OH OH. Would you be among those standing on the sidelines to criticize every new thing that has come up? Well, the new thing you criticize ‘coz it isn’t godly is so because someone like you many years ago refused to arise and let the light of God shine in that sector. I can imagine Panam Percy Paul refusing to use musical instruments, though he was inspired to do so, just because the Christian norm back then didn’t do such. I can imagine Mike Bamiloye refusing to go into the drama ministry and of course, improving the ministry with the rising tre…

One Good Turn Deserves Another

"Ette Nna, please, mbok, I'm begging you. Go and ask Uso for some money so that this boy will go back to school. He has stayed at home for one whole week now. How do you expect him to pass his exams well if he keeps being thrown out for school fees?" Mama Nna had cried her eyes sore. Ette Nna looked at his wife sadly, but deep anger formed a lump in his throat. He could not mutter a word. He stood up and headed for the door. Mama Nna swiftly fell at his feet, tugging his worn but clean trousers. "Please. My husband, I'm begging you," she said. Ette Nna pulled his right leg free from her grip and walked out. *** The courtyard was empty. He looked around. No one was in sight. Of course, every single child in the compound housing six families had gone to school, and the parents too had gone about their various businesses. He sighed deeply and walked out of the compound. He stopped an okadaman. "12 Okoneyo street," he said. "150," came the disgrun…

What is grace?

Now I know that I'm not a tall person. I'm not short but “kai” I'm not a tall person at all. I doubt I'm even in the group tagged "average height". So, I was doing the dishes in a kitchen sink I've never used before. As in this was in someone's house. That was my first time in that particular house. So, as I was washing the dishes, I felt pain in my neck and shoulder. I was wondering why. I felt very uncomfortable. It wasn't a familiar zone. Then I looked around. VOILA! The sink was inches higher than the one at home. Hehehe... Wahala! I was almost standing on my toes, but I didn't know. Iyammi!! I looked around for a stool to stand on but none. So I jejely returned to the dishes, finished them and ran out before my waist go follow pain me. :D Two things. Now that something higher is contending with my height, I humbly accept that I'm not as tall as I thought I was. Same goes when we turn our attention from the people we mentally compare our si…

A Vision of The Lost by William Booth

William Booth is the founder of The Salvation army. Below is a transcript of a vision he had.  You can also watch the video here.

On recent journey I found myself thinking about the multitudes around me. They were living carelessly in the most open and shameless rebellion against God, without a thought for their eternal welfare. As I looked out of the coach window, I seemed to see them all … millions of people given up to their drink, pleasure, dancing and their music, their business, anxieties, politics and troubles. Ignorant – wilfully ignorant in many cases – and in other instances knowing all about the truth and not caring at all. Suddenly, as I thought about them I had a vision. In it I saw a dark and stormy ocean over which black clouds hung heavily. Every now and then vivid lightening flashed and loud thunder rolled, while the winds drove foaming waves into a tempest that was claiming lives. There were myriad’s cursing, struggling and drowning, and as I watched some of them sank t…